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We develop technology solutions and intellectual products to solve human problems

Our Approach

Thinking about tomorrow, today

We’re a 'generativity' focused technology company - we work on challenges today that will shape the lives of future generations. We do this by hacking every day technologies in ways that will change people's lives. Our team created the world's first stress-detection and support management app, winning us two global innovation awards, and our next challenge is changing the way we learn...

Generativity & Kaizen

Generativity is about creating and accomplishing things that make the world a better place. It is a concern for the future, a need to nurture and guide younger people and contribute to the next generation.

Kaizen - a Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement" - is our model of generating real-world change through a focus on creating continuous improvements in a person’s life based on small, ongoing positive changes that reap major improvements over time.

Changing the world with empathy

We believe we can change the world with empathic technology and data. We focus on the use of digital phenotyping - a multidisciplinary field of science, defined as the “moment-by-moment quantification of the individual-level human phenotype in situ using data from personal digital devices, ” in particular smartphones and smart devices.

The Innovation Process Cycle

What is the innovation process cycle? Whereas the innovation process is a structure strategy that ensures that the innovation team idealizes an innovation and runs with it until it is successful, we believe innovation is not just stages — it is a continuous cycle of product discovery, development and commercialization that enables companies to keep reinvesting in the next generation of technology.

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