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Meet Our Founder

Right now, the only true constant is change. And no one embraces change more than our founder. Making a move from military combat engineer and peacekeeper to become a global award-winning innovator, author, and doctoral researcher.


After spending a decade in the military, Chris made the move into the tech sector where he has built up a deep knowledge and passion for leveraging digital technologies to solve real world problems and develop innovative products.

In fact, he has spent the last 20 years in the digital sector building products and teams for NewsCorp, Telstra and Clemenger. He is the also the founder of global award-winning, world-first health-tech start-up

Driven to help people find purpose in life, he will help reskill your workforce to become an intellectually agile enterprise of entrepreneurs, creating a culture of care that redefines the employee experience. His goal is to help individuals and organisations move from black and white thinking towards ‘embracing the grey’.

As a speaker, Chris has an unstoppable and infectious energy, deeply engaging audience with wit and humour. He has spoken, emceed and led thought-provoking panels across APAC, the USA and UK. He is also the author of Good Reasons to Kill: An Anthology of Morality, Murder & Collective Madness.

He was a finalist in the Prime Minister's Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, was awarded the Bronze medal in the Zurich Innovation World Championships, and was named Global Entrepreneur of the Year as part of the Duke of York's Pitch @ Palace event. He also recently commenced a PhD to explore the role that start-up accelerators can play in fostering entrepreneurial self-efficacy in veterans.

For speaking enquiries, contact ICMI on 1800 334 625

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