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We’re a health technology company building the tools to objectively measure mental & physical health and wellness in real-time in order to promote behavioral change via the use of smart, empathic technologies.

We believe in creating tools that make the world a better place and that technologies we take for granted today are the platform that will dynamically shift the health & wellness of this generation and the next tomorrow.



Digital phenotyping is a multidisciplinary field of science, defined as the “moment-by-moment quantification of the individual-level human phenotype in situ using data from personal digital devices, ” in particular smartphones and smart devices.

We aim to leverage devices and data to achieve a real-time understanding of physical, social, structural & economic limitations that impact society and then use this data to empower positive behavior change.




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Meet our Founder

Chris Rhyss Edwards served in the Australian army as a Combat Engineer & Peacekeeper during the 1990’s. He comes from a family of public servants who've dedicated their lives to public service.


Following the military, Chris spent 20yrs in the digital and media sectors launching commercially successful digital products and teams for NewsCorp, Telstra, Clemenger BBDO plus three start-ups.

Chris’s recent startup developed the world’s first smartwatch stress detection & support app for which he was named a Global Entrepreneur of the Year by the Duke of York, came 3rd in the Zurich Innovation World Championship, and was a finalist for the Prime Minister's veteran entrepreneur of the year in 2019.


Chris recently commenced a Science PhD focused on ‘Employing Smart Device Based Digital Phenotyping to Drive Positive Behavioral, Physical & Mental Health Benefits’.

You can learn more about Chris Rhyss at ChrisRhyss.com and his first book Good Reasons to Kill: An Anthology of Morality, Murder & Collective Madness here.

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